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11th Jul, 2019 12:40:30 AM

Yet more proof that roleplayers make pages for themselves and only for themselves, with little regard for the wiki as a whole.

Those users need a talkin' to.

11th Jul, 2019 12:52:12 AM

... And I got some harmless hate mail, LOL. I think it's the second time it happened to me on TV Tropes? note 

11th Jul, 2019 12:56:28 AM


Anyway, once this is dealt with, I don't mind going in to do the clean-up they reverted on you. I get the frustration of doing all the work to have it steamrolled soon after, and also the last thing we need is more edit warring.

11th Jul, 2019 01:04:17 AM

To be honest, we actually did try to be civil and you just wanted to instigate, that's still rude. I haven't seen the other roleplaying pages touched except for ours. So, I'll quote everything you've said and give my own points. That way, we can talk, instead of there being a gigantic mess.

>It has the standard ZCE problem, and its editors are actually edit-warring over my clean-up. Though to the editors' credit, there has been some attempts to provide more context, but often with half-context or word cruft like 'self-explanatory'; or they seem to think that pictures are substitutes for written context.

Zero-Context Example, from what I've read, refers to a good example that explains how it's an example. Basically, it displays and shows why the trope applies to the character. However, nothing has to be terribly in-depth as this is a roleplaying page not only for ourselves, but for fun and for the people spectating Falling Future, as we have readers in our server and it's utterly impolite to throw empty assumptions.

Nothing in Zero-Context Example says having less words for context is not allowed. Otherwise, these pages should have been deleted.

> > > > >

>They removed my standard ZCE notice and I received three messages over the page. I feel they have a sense of ownership over the page ('our project you're not even a part of' + ' as long as you don't touch our characters and the page itself') or they think they can break this wiki's ZCE rules because other pages break them as well ('Do it for everybody else's pages, or don't work on them at all without our permission.'). They cited other Roleplay character sheets as precedence... which opens another can of worms.

For good reason, to be honest, it's kinda strange and weird how you're only getting mad over the FF page. I'm just saying, mostly because T Vtropes has never been a serious website to begin with and I was going by common sense! Sorry, that I ticked you off, but...

>I'm posting it here because I think they all need to be reminded of this wiki's rules and its purpose (troping fiction and stories for general readership; it's not a platform to host fanfic roleplay for the players to get the feel of their characters). They probably need to here it from the mods, not a regular fellow troper.

The wiki's rules are, to summarize:

>Nastiness and dickery will not be tolerated.

and most importantly:

>Fun will be had.

My newest point is, just because you're a regular doesn't mean you can make the rules. Please don't victimize yourself, don't label our civility has hate-mail. This website officially doesn't have many rules to follow and this is pretty much breaking one.

This reply you sent me wasn't exactly polite, and if it was supposed to be, please tell me. Again, emotion doesn't translate well over text.


Thank you! I was originally not going to reply to you anymore, but it seems like we have to continue this conversation.

11th Jul, 2019 01:10:14 AM

^ ...Well, for one thing, you'd be wrong about the "no other roleplay pages touched" part. We do try and cleanup Roleplay pages. The problem is, they're chronically very poorly made and very time-consuming to fix, so tackling them is a long-term project, and since a lot of other wiki pages also need serious clean-up, they aren't extremely high-priority enough to get the attention they really ought to be getting.

The pages you linked? Yeah, they're all problematic. In fact, they're a perfect example of what I was just talking about. If they're what you're using as a guideline for what's acceptable, well...

11th Jul, 2019 01:59:51 AM

Prushka, I am not making rules or making things up. Editing rules on this wiki exist and have been made step by step by this community. They have been valid for a really long time. It's not my fault that you are not familiar with them. Also, you are mistaken if you believe you don't need to follow them (if you want to post here, write content and create pages).

Reading my message to you again, I admit I didn't resist to snark back at you completely, but your first message was dripping with sarcasm and it showed how unfamiliar with our rules you really are. I apologize for the sarcasm I used. Honestly. (Also, the quoteblock mark-up didn't quite work so it's hard to tell what I quoted from your message and what my response was.) But what I said in the message is still true.

Your second message was pure attack, however. You accused me of being boring and TV Tropes of being embarrassing. Well, if you don't like it here and this community's rules, you can post your content elsewhere.

Also, let me tell you that I dislike all ZCE and poorly-written pages equally.

Edited by XFllo
Fighteer MOD
11th Jul, 2019 05:34:44 AM

Prushka has been suspended. I think we may need a larger discussion about Roleplays.

11th Jul, 2019 06:16:14 AM

I believe so.

Okay, so based on this ATT and this one, here's what seems like should be addressed in the Wiki Talk:

  • Topics for establishing rules of RP troping:
    • Troping an RP that's invitation-only/completely closed to the public
    • Troping an RP that's closed to the public unless you sign up for a board
    • Whether RPers can add audience reactions for their own RP
  • Topics regarding frequent problems with RP pages (that are already against the rules)
    • Zero Context Examples and "self-explanatory" examples.
    • Troping the RP-ers versus troping the RP
    • Corollary, an inward-facing page meant for the consumption of those involved vs. a page that can stand alone.

Anything else that should be addressed?

11th Jul, 2019 11:14:38 AM

You should probably close this topic and discuss what to do about roleplays somewhere else, since this is a little off topic now.

Edited by Pixel-777
11th Jul, 2019 11:37:55 AM

However, I'll agree this is off-topic.

Fighteer MOD
11th Jul, 2019 12:22:22 PM

I declined the cut pending review. Let's make a projects thread about Roleplays.

11th Jul, 2019 01:56:40 PM

When the project thread is made, could someone post a link to it here?

Edited by GastonRabbit
11th Jul, 2019 02:11:19 PM

I'll go ahead and make it.

edit: Here

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