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10th Jul, 2019 02:02:26 PM

Yeah, that doesn't seem right. If the Japanese VA is equally/also affecting the example should be expanded, not replaced.

10th Jul, 2019 02:32:29 PM

At the very least, because the first troper intended it to be a dub example, it should remain (at least partially) a dub example.

10th Jul, 2019 03:22:36 PM

Yeah. That's really rude.

10th Jul, 2019 06:34:57 PM

I edited it back and linked to Cristina Vee's page and the original troper who posted it in the edit reason. Someone else who's more familiar with the Japanese voice work can add the example.

10th Jul, 2019 07:02:50 PM

zeister's only other edit was way back in 2014, they have no forum activity either. Doubt any notifiers will even be read.

Edited by homogenized
11th Jul, 2019 05:19:51 AM

Zeister reverted the edit back. Iím starting to suspect that this is a case of dub bashing.

11th Jul, 2019 08:14:15 AM

What it is now is edit warring. Whatever else it is no longer matters.

11th Jul, 2019 08:23:39 AM

Zeister has been suspended. Regardless of anything else, citing "wrong actor" is questionable on its own.

11th Jul, 2019 08:43:43 AM

In the interest of fairness, should it be changed to something like:

  • The death of Laphicet, and Velvet's reactions to it. Both voice actor's note  horrified, rage-filled screams are equal parts terrifying and tragic.

Edited by pikachu17

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