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10th Jul, 2019 02:37:50 PM

Both are frivolous censorship, regardless.

10th Jul, 2019 03:21:07 PM

Sounds like either Mis-blamed (banning it for content it doesn't contain) or Political Correctness Gone Mad (such as chaste romantic scenes being treated the same as "sexual" content).

10th Jul, 2019 07:19:39 PM

^ I'm not sure Misblamed fits, since it only seems to apply to when the fans of a work are doing the misblaming. (Obviously, the Moral Guardians aren't generally fans of the works they try to ban.) I don't think Political Correctness Gone Mad fits either.

Any other suggestions?

10th Jul, 2019 09:49:33 PM

This would fall under "accusing someone of nonexsistent crime", and I don't know if we have that yet.

10th Jul, 2019 10:42:30 PM

^^There's no need since Political Correctness Gone Mad covers it, unless there's another trope that fits the example/situation more accurately. If the work is being rated for sexual content, depite not having any, or only having chaste romantic scenes, then that'd be an overreaction by the censors.

O-M-G! They held hands!
(slaps R-rating and parental advisary warning for "sexual" content on the cover).


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