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9th Jul, 2019 06:51:55 PM

Like in life simulator games, like in The Sims?

Willbyr MOD
9th Jul, 2019 07:34:48 PM

I think so...itís been a loooooong time since Iíve played it or seen it played so I donít remember for certain.

EDIT: I just skimmed through the game series page and didnít see this as one of the general examples.

Edited by Willbyr
Willbyr MOD
10th Jul, 2019 04:06:37 AM

Notice This would apply to items that you can interact with in certain side quests in H I3rd (and I'll add it to the game's page if it's not already there - thanks!), but I think this is something more specific and context-dependent. The action you take with the Valkyrie in question depends on what's in the blue bubble; if it has a fork and knife, you drag her to the fridge, if it's a sad face you tap on her a few times to perk her up, etc.

Edited by Willbyr
10th Jul, 2019 08:32:21 AM

In some other games you have to drag stuff towards the subject in question.

Willbyr MOD
10th Jul, 2019 08:50:51 AM

^ But the same kind of indicator on the subject is there?

Willbyr MOD
11th Jul, 2019 05:39:43 AM

Do you know which games? I've a feeling this is going to go to TLP and more examples than the original would be helpful for making the case.


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