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12th Jun, 2019 04:31:41 AM

See The Fic May Be Yours, but the Trope Page Is Ours.

You do have the right to make a page for your own work, as long as your work is publicly accessible.

Edited by RallyBot2
12th Jun, 2019 06:44:08 AM

You cannot add any YMMV example yourself, though, since those are audience reactions.

12th Jun, 2019 06:56:29 AM

Read carefully How to Create a Works Page. Specifically this part.

Can I make a page for a work that I created? Yeah, sure, go ahead. You're allowed to trope your own works. Just make sure you understand that once the page is out there, you won't have any control or ownership over it anyone is allowed to edit it, and any editor will have the same rights and privileges as you. This is why it's a bad idea to make Word of God statements for your own work on its wiki page. You are also not allowed to create or add items to a YMMV subpage or related subpages, and you may not review your own work or add recommendations for your own work.

(The Fic May Be Yours, but the Trope Page Is Ours is not that relevant for your question. It's for people who don't want to have their work featured and want the article about their work removed. It happens from time to time that authors don't like an analysis of their work from someone who has read it. There are even cases that authors themselves who created the article want it away because after some time they realized it's their Old Shame or they claim they had no idea what the purpose of this wiki was. In both cases it's no good — the page is here to stay if it meets this wiki's standards.)

Edited by XFllo
12th Jun, 2019 07:16:17 AM

Adding on to what others have said, There Is No Such Thing as Notability. As long as you follow the guidelines vis-a-vis Auto-Erotic Troping (no YMMV or Word of God), you're good to go.

13th Jun, 2019 05:41:37 AM

Well, here it is. When the Brush hits the Canvas. It needs a lot of work...

13th Jun, 2019 07:22:00 AM

The page seems to be written in a slightly negative way, especially this part of the description:

"The story suffers from slow updates (approximately two chapter per year) and the author has a tendency to copy the dialogue directly from the game itself."

We don't usually want to have a negative description of a work on its own page, even if it comes from the author.

Also, the example for Bag of Holding is a Zero-Context Example.

Edited by Zuxtron
13th Jun, 2019 08:13:51 AM

^ I'll fix those issues. Like I said, it needs a lot of work.

By the way, what about In-Universe YMMV tropes? For instance, Link thinks that Yuga is a Fashion-Victim Villain. Am I allowed to put such an example in the page? Another troper deleted it when I wrote that.

Edited by Lermis
13th Jun, 2019 08:55:12 AM

You need to add the [[inuniverse]] tag to the example. It's invisible but makes it so the YMMV warning doesn't show up.


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