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12th Jun, 2019 02:33:54 PM

Bump for mod attention

12th Jun, 2019 03:41:24 PM

As that page says, Heterosexual Life-Partners doesn't require them both to be heterosexual.

13th Jun, 2019 07:11:36 AM

Someone else edited in the meanwhile so I went and undid the vandalism, though I still think the mod should send them a warning for this kind of behavior. It's not ship specific, as we've also had fans of other ships like Klance, Shallura, and Kallura vandalizing the pages or starting fights in the discussion pages in the past. But it is the most recent.

Berrenta MOD
13th Jun, 2019 08:14:13 AM

It smells like an agenda. Will bring them in for a talk.

13th Jun, 2019 11:23:25 AM

On a related note Dee Chan 87 (one of said Kallura shippers with a bias problem, not quite a vandal but an inability to understand that the YMMV page is about describing audience reactions and not a place to soapbox about their personal thoughts about their fave characters and ships they love or the characters and ships they don't) is back at it again. They went and tossed in an Allura/Lance and Lance-bashing entry onto the YMMV page, which I deleted for being misuse because it was basically a long rant about why they don't think Allurance works (and incidentally, fits the stereotype of the Ron the Death Eater entry below pointing out how Kallura fans treat Lance).

Besides, their point is already better and more succinctly covered under the Strangled by the Red String on that page, which doesn't really need more elaboration than it already gets before it turns into the rantings of a disappointed shipper. For whatever it's worth, if Dee Chan 87 gets called into this thread too, I should point out I'm not even an Allurance fan. In fact I don't like any of the ships for this show aside from some casual enjoyment of the Lotura storyline despite fully knowing that Lotor was never going to be more than a Romantic False Lead.

Edited by AlleyOop
13th Jun, 2019 11:42:19 AM

Dee Chan 87 has also openly admitted to be biased against the official pairing of Naruto, and they have tried to sneak it into passing as an example of Strangled by the Red String (see here), when based on the discussion page of that trope and edit comments by NotHereToCauseAnyTrouble it would be an objective misuse of the trope.

Edited by matruz
13th Jun, 2019 11:44:37 AM

Do we need a shipping cleanup thread?

13th Jun, 2019 11:45:53 AM


If it's one of multiple offenses then they absolutely need some kind of moderator action. The YMMV page is for documenting audience reactions. If you (not you, but Dee Chan 87 and anyone else reading this) want to rant about your personal opinion on something go write it in the Reviews section.


Probably not. It's infrequent enough that I can usually handle it by myself. It's just that there's a surprising amount of it as of late, as in more than one edit of that nature every few months which is how it usually goes. The more common issue is Beatman 1 trying to do things like pass off hearsay as objective fact, portray his Bias Steamroller and Single-Issue Wonk as more commonplace than it really is when the YMMV page is more about aggregate responses, or make edits bashing VLD in completely unrelated work pages.

Edited by AlleyOop
13th Jun, 2019 12:48:20 PM

^Aaaaand Dee Chan 87 has just added an entry for Naruto/Hinata on Strangled by the Red String, this in complete disregard of the arguments presented on the discussion page (that they also participated in) that it's not an example of this trope.

I concur, they definitely need a tap on the shoulder.

Edited by matruz
13th Jun, 2019 07:32:13 PM

I wouldn't object to a shipping-motivated-edits cleanup thread - less because it's super common than because I feel like it might make for a more effective smack upside the head than just individually addressing problem tropers.

Edited by nrjxll
13th Jun, 2019 10:52:39 PM

If it's pan-fandom, then perhaps. Maybe the Final Fantasy VII pages can become usable again.

13th Jun, 2019 11:56:22 PM

^ Yup, I was referring to having a pan-fandom ship cleanup thread.

14th Jun, 2019 12:09:40 AM

Oh, in that case it's probably a good idea. Especially given how contemporary fandom can be.

14th Jun, 2019 01:47:39 AM

So since De Chan 87 ignored the consesus in the discussion and still added that entry.

Is a mod going to give them a talk

14th Jun, 2019 05:19:38 AM

What I wonder is "Shouldn't ~De Chan 87 get their own thread since this one's primarily about the antics of ~axwi07 on a completely separate page who's already been suspended?"

Edited by sgamer82
14th Jun, 2019 09:37:44 AM

Dee Chan 87 is also known to be active in the OP page and has displayed similar problems as the suspended editor; My mention of the Naruto issues was to strengthen the case about Dee Chan 87 clearly displaying shipping bias issues, not just in VLD but in Naruto as well.

I don't know if another thread is required for a mod to take action.

14th Jun, 2019 12:10:32 PM

It is cleaner for us if there are different queries for different problem tropers, even if they appear to have related problem areas. That being said, suspended DeeChan87.


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