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11th Jun, 2019 06:40:29 PM

The latter is unconfirmed, and is based on a translation that was later proven faulty.

11th Jun, 2019 09:32:20 PM

This was added:

  • The exact reason for this, that being the matter of development time, didn't help matters, since the video game industry had just gone through a series of very nasty extended scandals involving game development deadlines and how this leads to Obvious Betas and brutal crunch times. This is compounded as, on the very same day, Nintendo made a public discussion about trying to prioritize the quality of their games and workers over hitting an exact deadline, a statement which makes Gamefreak look completely out of touch with the games they're developing.

Here's the source. It legit?

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
11th Jun, 2019 10:03:26 PM

I'm fairly certain a Twitter search isn't a source.

12th Jun, 2019 04:31:57 AM

Are either ones, especially the second one, a "backdraft"? I associate the trope with a large amount of complaints. No one is calling this game trash and instantly cancelling their pre-order because Z-moves aren't in,

12th Jun, 2019 04:33:53 AM

Regional dex only certainly seems to be a backdraft, but Megas/etc. is just fan complaining that will be forgotten about in two weeks. The latter hasn't even been confirmed yet.

12th Jun, 2019 05:12:19 AM

It was brought up the last time that Internet Backdraft created a problem, but the trope is subject to very heavy misuse. Tropers are using it to detail any kneejerk reaction, which is not only misuse, but completely contrary to what the trope actually is.

Both of the given examples on the Sword & Shield page should be deleted.

12th Jun, 2019 08:49:55 AM

Does Internet Backdraft have a minimum time requirement like Broken Base? Also is YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield going to become one of those YMMV pages that is kept locked until post release?

12th Jun, 2019 09:15:42 AM

/r/Pokemon is very upset about not all Pokémon returning, with some people indeed threatening to boycott it, so I say keep that. Remove the one about Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves not returning; the Direct just said that Dynamax replaced them, but didn't directly state they won't be returning in some form.

12th Jun, 2019 10:36:40 AM

To toss in my hat about Pokemon being excluded, the #BringBackNationalDex hashtag and its equivalents have been trending on both English and Japanese Twitter, with the Japanese equivalent reaching #2 at one point, and the English one, at least, showed many people openly cancelling their pre-orders. Every recent Sword and Shield-related tweet, and many others that so much as mention a non-Galar Pokemon on Pokemon's official Twitter have also been overwhelmed with replies about #BringBackNationalDex. So I'm not seeing much ambiguity about whether fans are actually pissed off about this or not.

(For the record, as a fan who's been playing Pokemon since 2004, this has made me not want to buy any future mainline Pokemon games until I see confirmation that I can transfer over the living dex [collection of one of all 800+ Pokemon] I slaved over for hundreds of hours.)

Edited by CrystalGlacia
12th Jun, 2019 10:40:17 AM

This is the consequence of having nearly a Thousand Pokemon and variations. Something had to give.

12th Jun, 2019 11:08:11 AM

Maybe they'll patch in the rest of the Pokemon later.

My thought is Internet Backdraft (the current use, the misuse is a different matter) needs a citation; something reporting as opposed to partaking in the controversy to prove it's widespread enough to count.

12th Jun, 2019 11:27:48 AM

AFAIK, They outright said this is just how games'll be for now on- so I doubt we'll have a patch.

But yeah, the example could be rewrittwen more objectively.

12th Jun, 2019 04:44:11 PM

I feel that Internet Backdraft should be like Unfortunate Implications and require citations to show that there's legitimate backlash, and that it isn't just one or a few people getting upset. An example of a citation that can be used is a news article reporting on fan backlash. While the inability of not being able to transfer Pokemon not native to the region has been causing backlash, I feel we should put some restrictions on Internet Backdraft and watch that page to make sure things don't get too far out of hands.

Edited by ADrago
12th Jun, 2019 04:50:40 PM

You know, the laconic of Internet Backlash seems misleading;

Don't talk about this subject online.

Which doesn't seem to match on how its used most of the time.

12th Jun, 2019 04:57:40 PM

@Whirl RX

I think we should start a TRS thread on Internet Backdraft so we can establish a clear definition and restrictions.

12th Jun, 2019 05:57:47 PM

^^^^ Yeah, it's more like "the internet won't stop talking about this"

12th Jun, 2019 07:38:07 PM

I say give it a waiting period since if it's something that's randomly brought up it should remain this after a long time as opposed to random complaining.

Should I go ahead and create a TRS on this?

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
Berrenta MOD
12th Jun, 2019 08:00:53 PM

As long as you can find other cases such as the one in the OP, go ahead.

12th Jun, 2019 11:01:41 PM

TRS is up since it seems we're interested in a cleanup.

13th Jun, 2019 10:44:29 AM

Sword And Shield example was added to FranchiseOriginalSin.Pokemon. I think we've decided here pre-release is too soon to say as we don't know how sinful it actually will be and they might have something to fix it by then.

UPDATE: Cut it per this. This reinforces my belief it's being misused as knee-jerk. Should I add a note not to add until the game is out?

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
13th Jun, 2019 12:38:40 PM

I just removed an Overshadowed by Controversy example that had been added regarding the exclusion of the National Dex on YMMV.Pokemon Sword And Shield since it requires a six month waiting period, and it hasn't overshadowed everything else about the game. We may need to end up locking that YMMV page if it continues to attract complaining.

13th Jun, 2019 01:18:44 PM

The Internet Backdraft example regarding Mega Evolutions and Z-moves was just added back. I brought up this YMMV page to the complaining cleanup thread.

13th Jun, 2019 01:24:29 PM

Serebii has confirmed that Famitsu states "there is currently no decision to bring the existing Pokémon that can't be in Sword & Shield back into the game using patches, but those that don't will still have an active role in Pokémon HOME. It also stated that Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves will not appear in Sword & Shield".

Would this be Tainted by the Preview or Internet Backdraft (there was backlash before it was confirmed)? Is there anything about the games at this point to add that isn't back and forth over this controversy?

UPDATE: had to re-remove Overshadowed by Controversy. At this point, I'd be for locking it since all the edits are back and forth other the controversy right now. Thought?

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
13th Jun, 2019 02:47:55 PM

If you're talking about general things, there were two new Pokémon shown in the E3 demo, Yamper and Impidimp. I dunno how it helps, but people seem to love 'em, even throughout the dex controversy.

Edited by Crossover-Enthusiast
13th Jun, 2019 03:08:07 PM

I agree to just lock the page until the game releases since the edits have been back and forth. Hopefully, the controversy will die down by then.

14th Jun, 2019 05:21:48 AM

The page is currently locked, if anyone here hasn't already seen.


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