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Fighteer MOD
10th Jun, 2019 11:22:01 AM

How can a lifeless object be The Dragon in the first place?

10th Jun, 2019 12:22:20 PM

Does the object talk or mentally project itself somehow?

10th Jun, 2019 02:09:36 PM

To put it another way, Mr-ex777, who do you think an inanimate object be a Dragon at all?

11th Jun, 2019 12:15:37 AM

Big Bad can be an object, that's why this question arose I presume.

11th Jun, 2019 06:29:14 AM

Is it like "lifeless" like an AI or robot? Then I would go with yes. If it's it's inanimate without will, or able to act on its own. If it's not sentinent or aware I would go no. An evil AI for example yes, a Deathstar for example is no.

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