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10th Jun, 2019 07:30:38 PM

I think it's a trope, just one that's very densely accounted for when it comes to subtropes.

11th Jun, 2019 06:40:34 AM

Based on Undead Index's existence as a separate page and The Undead's page type being set to Trope instead of Index (though I have no way of checking if a mod approved of the latter), I'm guessing this is a case of a broadnote  supertrope whose subtropes are almost always preferable.

Edit: Previously, this ATT query asked a similar question of whether monsters in general counted as a trope, and general consensus among those who said it did (including one mod) said it would only be able to act as a very broad supertrope, with the subtropes being very likely to already be on the site.

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Fighteer MOD
11th Jun, 2019 07:26:48 AM

This is correct. The Undead is a trope, but one that's so broad that there should always be a more applicable subtrope.

11th Jun, 2019 09:14:27 PM

Bump for what to do, if all we know is that they're undead, under a different name, but that's all.

... I guess the Wraith, Wight, Geist, etc, tropes are only used with monsters under that specific name?

11th Jun, 2019 09:44:51 PM

Our Wights Are Different has its own page, wraiths and geists would most likely be Our Ghosts Are Different. Though just to reiterate on your Shadowland query, it's possible some settings might have a wide number of different kinds of undead, and in those cases linking to the supertrope could be legitimate.

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