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30th Aug, 2011 03:59:20 PM

Recent edits. I don't see anything glaring but I didn't look that hard.

30th Aug, 2011 04:23:40 PM

Yes, I noticed that from the link at the top. I should've been clearer: I don't see anything else glaring. Doesn't mean he's not in trouble, just that we don't need to do a massive repair.

Edited by TheInferno
30th Aug, 2011 04:23:52 PM

Also, he did something weird to the examples on Hello, putting them behind a %% note thing.

30th Aug, 2011 04:27:35 PM

Commented-out. Usually used on pages to leave admin notes so that it's in the source but not viewable otherwise (I actually used that on Warhammer 40000 Space Marine), I fixed it, though. Doesn't make that much sense to have examples for the word Hello but meh.

Ok, yeah, edit history needs checking.

Madrugada MOD
30th Aug, 2011 04:59:09 PM

I checked a ways back in his edit history. Something weird going on — all but those two edits are good ones, Natter and sinkhole removal, subpoint consolidation, taking out drooling over actresses...

I've put an edit suspension on him — we need to find out what was going on.

30th Aug, 2011 05:49:22 PM

Account suicide? It's happened before, a formally good person goes right off the deep end...though this isn't as extreme as some cases.

30th Aug, 2011 05:57:56 PM

Eh, well, he can explain himself in Edit Banned. Nothing more we can do other than double check his history for any more problems.


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