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21st May, 2019 01:57:04 PM

I agree that it's not an example of that YMMV, so I think removing the entry was correct.

If you read the page, it has to be a Non Sequitur, a bit or line of dialogue that is intentionally out of place, usually designed to elicit a comedic reaction. It appears out of nowhere, it is strange in context and it never goes anywhere — it meets perhaps only the "appears out of nowhere" thing.

It's not like there were dancing elephants from the Golden Company at that great council.

BTW, this can be discussed on the discussion page for the subpage. It's active and people discuss several edits. Link.

Edited by XFllo
21st May, 2019 01:58:59 PM

According to the trope page, in order for a moment to count as a BLAM, it needs to meet all three of the following criteria: it needs to come out of nowhere and cause the plot to come to a halt. It needs to be strange and out of place with the setting. It needs to have no bearing on the plot to the point where removing the scene would cause no plot holes. The scene in question fails the “has no bearing on the plot” criteria, since it leads to a new king being chosen and resolved what was probably the main conflict throughout the show.

Edit: previous poster got to it first.

Edited by costanton11
22nd May, 2019 12:43:38 PM

Not to pile on but... yeah. That's a huge misuse of BLAM for the aforementioned reasons. I could go into more details, but I'll save that for the discussion page if it comes up.


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