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20th May, 2019 05:23:46 PM

Confirmed, and both bounced.

20th May, 2019 05:24:57 PM

That was fast; thanks once again.

8th Nov, 2019 07:22:30 PM

I'm sorry for the necro, but I'm wondering if they may have come back (months ago, but hey) as Dragon Kent 17? The 17 makes a return, as does "Dragon", and they frequent the same pages and they have a ZCE issue.

Edited by WarJay77
8th Nov, 2019 07:52:51 PM

^ ?

Sarcastic or confirming they're correct?

8th Nov, 2019 07:56:34 PM

Sarcastic. Non-stealthy sockpuppet confirmed.

8th Nov, 2019 08:07:45 PM

It just saddens me when these sock puppets have such a lack of imagination with new usernames.

8th Nov, 2019 08:09:43 PM

^ My favorite will always be Mr_Anyways and Mr_Anywayer :P

Anyway, I guess I'll keep an eye on those pages for any signs of their return.

9th Nov, 2019 01:59:15 AM

I've seen sockpuppets named "itsmeyouidiot" and "donotbanmeplease" in the past, and "dontstopmenow" just last year.

9th Nov, 2019 05:05:00 AM

Shall this one's edits be purged, then?

9th Nov, 2019 11:55:43 AM

^ Purged, or at least scrubbed clean. The good thing is that they mostly post on the same pages and their edits aren't great anyway, so it won't be too hard.

9th Nov, 2019 07:33:23 PM

The ban evaders' trademark lack of subtlety helps again.


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