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19th May, 2019 07:43:21 AM

Well if he re-added it. Its now an Edit War

19th May, 2019 09:54:54 AM

Furthermore, they're displaying unambiguous bias against several character, particularly Tyrion and Varys, as last seen here, and excuse Dany's actions. Basically, bashing one character and shilling another.

They're also blatantly ignoring discussion and they keep shoehorning heavily biased entries that attempt to excuse a Moral Event Horizon moment.

Edited by RoundRobin
19th May, 2019 10:22:11 AM

I have noted their recent edits seem to paint Varys as trying to replace Dany because of his fear of magic of all reasons. And not the fact that Varys is noting her sense of isolation and signs of meglomania. Of course, if anyone can tell if a Targyrean is showing signs of madness it would be the only member of her council to serve under one prior...

Berrenta MOD
19th May, 2019 11:02:04 AM

The user is already suspended. Permission granted to revert.

19th May, 2019 11:36:36 AM

Would that include their other edits if invalid or necessary? For example the shoehorning ?

20th May, 2019 12:51:13 PM

I agree with the rest, but the Ass Pull entry seemed like a valid example, regardless of troper's agenda. It is major plot point, never established before and contradictory to the show, made to justify what happens in what is more or less the climax of the show's narrative.

20th May, 2019 12:59:01 PM

Specifically, the "Bells" Ass Pull entry?

Agreed, I assume it was cut by mistake because it's not even tied to the issue of Dany shilling. The writers had a problem: they needed a way to signal that the city had surrendered in an overt way so that they can have an Obligatory War-Crime Scene. Their solution? Make up "the bells mean surrender!" and treat it as common knowledge even though it hadn't in the past.

20th May, 2019 01:06:29 PM

Have the writers/ directors weighed in if Dany knew it meant surrender? They have confirmed she chose to make the run on the spot. We can't say she definitely did not know. We can say that considering that Tyrion was invested in Kingslanding surviving as her advisor he would have told her.

20th May, 2019 01:08:28 PM

Also she still decided to make the run on civilians and soldiers fleeing and not fighting. Ones who literally had no way to fight her or defend themselves. So moot point? None the less if mentioned in show that known in show then Tyrion would have let her know.

20th May, 2019 01:27:15 PM

Finally how is it "contridictory" to the show? While Ser Davis mentioned he did not believe it meant welcome to a new King , Varys mentioned it had multiple meanings. It's possible it had more meanings then spoken at the time until Tyrion mentioned it meant "surrender". As for the "shilling" part the original poster was trying to point Danys slaughter of the citizens as a cold pragmatic move. The ass pull comment basically was complaining it was a BS move to make Dany look bad for slaughtering surrendering citizens. Which is why I asked permission from mods to revert.

Edited by Tuvok
20th May, 2019 01:42:36 PM

Dude please edit your original reply when you wanna add new stuff. Spamming the thread like this isnt really a good idea.

20th May, 2019 01:56:10 PM

Also, there's a thread on Ass Pull on the episode's discussion page. That's the real place to have that particular discussion.


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