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17th May, 2019 08:23:42 PM

Series.Sheena and Film.Sheena are both medium-specific pages. Neither can be considered a subpage of one or the other.

19th May, 2019 11:32:00 AM

Now both Sheena pages seem to have been cut while the non page still seems to exist. Was that a mistake?

Edited by BlackMage43
19th May, 2019 03:37:31 PM

I restored the Sheena (2000) page; the new page was made with a bad character, so it'll take an admin to delete.

19th May, 2019 10:29:05 PM

Disambiguation policy is that all works with the same name are moved, not just one work.

19th May, 2019 11:07:40 PM

The image on Sheena (2000) is also really tiny.

20th May, 2019 10:06:55 AM

YMMV.Sheena 2000 was also cut and not restored.

^ Yeah, the page itself has a bunch of issues, I'll try to improve then soon.

Edited by BlackMage43
20th May, 2019 11:02:28 AM

I took care of the worst of the Zero Context Examples. I can be a bit too generous when there's some context so I won't say I got them all.


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