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15th May, 2019 08:40:21 PM

Correct, it should be removed as it's attacking the person and stretching the facts.

15th May, 2019 11:51:31 PM

It also seems really laser-targeted to one incident when it should be more a general entry of "his controversial term as an acting President of the United States has far overshadowed his work as either a businessman or reality TV host in the public eye"

16th May, 2019 12:10:25 AM

^I'd say the 'laser-targeting' is probably the fault of our old nemesis episodic troping - somebody created the entry for that one incident and people kept adding onto it instead of just doing a rewrite.

16th May, 2019 06:13:03 AM

So, remove the entire entry, or re-write it so it focuses more on the works over the creator?

18th May, 2019 08:11:38 AM

Here's whats written on the actual YMMV for the show.

Overshadowed by Controversy: The show gets attention nowadays largely due to the fact that Donald Trump was the host of the show.

Edited by WhirlRX
18th May, 2019 10:43:09 PM

It's not technically a ZCE. More of a very-little-CE. Still not good enough to keep, however.

19th May, 2019 01:24:45 AM

Well, the example mentioned in the OP should talk less about Trump's controversies and more about the impact on his works. The example mentioned by Whirl RX is a little too little detailed.


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