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14th May, 2019 04:30:41 PM

"Is there a feature that would allow me to find all instances of the word on a page, and replace all of them with the official one automatically?"

That's a question of whether your browser has this functionality. TV tropes doesn't have editing software, so there's no support for it on TV Tropes side. You could pull the page content into an editor like Microsoft Word, make the swap and copy it back to TV Tropes.

"To extend this even further, is it possible to find all instances of the incorrect word being used across the whole site, and allow me to replace them all in one action?"

No, because if there was, we'd continually have trolls changing every word to swears.

14th May, 2019 06:32:57 PM

There are automatic word-replacer plug-ins for a lot of common browsers.

I'd be careful using them, though; macro programs like that can't parse context, and without human oversight they can cause problems. I'd suggest using CTRL+F to go through any article you use it on and make sure that the changes didn't break formatting or do anything else weird, and at that point, it's hardly any extra work to just make the changes manually yourself.

14th May, 2019 06:47:10 PM

Yeah, it's not recommended. This is why things like text-replacement plugins are banned; they change every instance of a word, regardless of context; this is the same thing a Find-And-Replace function would do.

15th May, 2019 09:37:33 AM

Thanks for all the replies!

@bitemytail Yeah that does make sense, now that you mention it. It could become ripe for abuse by trolls. Your Microsoft Word suggestion sounds interesting, might give that a try sometime.

Otherwise, I guess I'll stick to doing everything manually for now, as that seems to be the best way.

15th May, 2019 10:21:40 AM

Never use "replace all" unless you damn well know that it won't hit anything by accident. As HighCrate said, Ctrl-F is the best option.


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