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14th May, 2019 06:51:53 AM

I recall you've brought this up previously?

Many of us agreed that the change should be made, but none were willing to take the effort to move it.

14th May, 2019 06:57:14 AM

^ I did but I figured the consensus was not to move it.


I'm moving the Harvest Moon to the Story of Seasons page unchanged.

Edited by Pichu-kun
14th May, 2019 07:22:43 AM

Lack of consensus would mean no action was to be taken, yeah. The current name change of the franchise doesn't retroactively change the previous entries' western names, though.

For what it's worth, you could just keep the original page as is from before the split, then create two separate pages from that point on (Harvest Moon (Natsume) and Story of Seasons), with a disclaimer at the top of each page courtesy-linking the other and the previous series. That seems the least ambiguous.

14th May, 2019 08:19:05 AM

I've moved the Harvest Moon page to Story of Seasons. Now to just move the wicks and subpages...

^ What about making Harvest Moon a disambiguate page by removing most of the description and examples? Most, if not all, of the pages of Story Of Seasons refer to the Bokumono games anyway.

14th May, 2019 08:58:43 PM

Sure, though it seems like it could maybe be extra work? Or maybe not, depending on how you go about it. Either way. You might also want to bring it up on the current page's Discussion tab and see what the contributors there say?

15th May, 2019 06:17:50 AM

^ Discussion tabs aren't used much but I'll bring it up.

17th May, 2019 01:02:01 PM

After reading the old TRS thread, I split up the series into three pages because that was the main consensus. I'm trying to change the wicks up now that I've separated the pages into Harvest Moon (disambiguate page), Harvest Moon (Natsume) (Natsume titles), and Story of Seasons (Marvelous titles).

Should Harvest Moon be used in any articles or does everything get changed to Story of Seasons?

17th May, 2019 03:36:10 PM

Wicks to disambiguation pages should always be corrected to the proper work installment/franchise pages.

17th May, 2019 07:00:30 PM

Should the list of games on the disambiguation page be deleted?

18th May, 2019 02:31:16 AM

One big problem I'm seeing is that the name change only applies to newer games, A Wonderful Life is still considered a Harvest Moon game despite the name change.

18th May, 2019 02:37:36 AM

Correct. The individual games are still known as "Harvest Moon: insert-subtitle-here", but the series as a whole is called Story of Seasons.

18th May, 2019 07:36:13 AM

^^^ I'd keep the list for ease of use. Not everyone's going to know whether a given game is from one series or another, just that it's called Harvest Moon: something.


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