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13th May, 2019 09:18:09 PM

This more belongs to Trope Finder—but I'd say it more belongs to Loot Boxes, despite there was a bit of discussion at that trope's TLP whether it counts.

13th May, 2019 10:39:04 PM

I'm talking about a gacha game which had another thing in common than just using loot boxes. For instance, festival events (Christmas, Beach Episode), how you take control of a new character with selectable gender, usually silent, etc...

It looks like there are more common tropes within gacha games beyond its usage of gacha...

14th May, 2019 09:50:15 PM

It sounds viable to me. I've played a few gatcha games, and they definitely tend to be pretty similar in format - card ranks/leveling, themed events, anime characters, etc. I'm not sure how many games have pages on this wiki so far. But looking at the entries on Allegedly Free Game, it seems like there should be enough.

15th May, 2019 08:43:40 PM

Agreed, judging from my view of the Japanese App Store and Play Store, the Gacha market is expanding to the point it could warrant it's own genre.


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