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12th May, 2019 06:55:10 PM

The Tropper and Andyroid have been going back-and-forth deleting and adding.

Tropper has also deleted the pictures in the season folders, though I'm not sure if those are actually needed.

12th May, 2019 07:15:58 PM

andyroid, you added the examples back twice after they were removed twice. you're edit warring too. regardless of who's correct, you're both in the wrong.

12th May, 2019 09:08:18 PM

The Tropper previously deleted the notes of the episodes that aired Out of Order, claiming it didn't matter since they didn't affect continuity much. I say keep the descriptions and images.

12th May, 2019 10:10:49 PM

^agreed. the descriptions are good, and useful for someone who might be looking for "that episode where that thing happens" but can't remember the title of the episode.

13th May, 2019 12:53:10 AM

Warned both tropers by PM.


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