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12th May, 2019 08:09:48 PM

Courtesy link to a previous ATT query about FragWall, who was suspended once before for, among other things, adding Zero-Context Example entries and creating poorly formatted stub work pages.

12th May, 2019 09:07:52 PM

Yeah, I saw their edit history and that kinda lead to me to think I COULD have been wrong, but given FW's past behavior, now I'm pretty certain that they're a troll.

12th May, 2019 09:53:14 PM

I sent him a couple of PM in the last month, one for spoiler and another for ZCE. And it look like they haven't learn anything about ZCE. Here are examples.

From Literature.From The Fatherland With Love (the description of this book is only single sentence too)

From Literature.Heart Of Darkness

12th May, 2019 10:49:53 PM

Am I the only one who find a ZCE for Wall of Text ironic?

12th May, 2019 10:55:52 PM

On Edit Banned, they claimed to have studied the administrivia article, but I'm doubting they really did; I can give people a pass for thinking that something along the lines of "Trope: This Happens when..." is adequate context, but there's no excuse for someone thinking that "And how!" counts. I'm honestly baffled; what page did they read?

12th May, 2019 11:21:11 PM

^aaaand that's why fighteer usually asks for proof that they understand the policy before he releases people. dunno why he didn't this time, but cÚst la vie.

either fragwall lied about reading the ZCE page or they don't care.

13th May, 2019 12:50:23 AM

Suspended them again.

13th May, 2019 09:14:48 AM

Maybe I'm being a little rash, but given their history, isn't suspension a little light? This clearly isn't a person who's going to learn from their mistakes.

13th May, 2019 09:39:56 AM

That just means they likely won't be reinstated, since that makes it just as likely they will not be able to demonstrate they understand and will fix the problem.


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