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6th May, 2019 07:37:43 PM

Based on this, I believe it goes over the character limit, so it should be shortened and use the custom title feature to make it correct (this isn't normally allowed, but it's the only way to display the proper title in this case). How long is the page title limit, exactly?

6th May, 2019 08:08:08 PM

I ran into a similar issue trying to make an page for the episodes "The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom/Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle". I could only create a page by removing "SpongeBob SquarePants" and the season & episode markers from the page title.

Going by what happened to me, 68 characters is considered too long to make a page fornote . But 63 characters was short enough to make a proper page. So, I assume the character limit for page titles is about 65 characters, give or take.

7th May, 2019 01:00:14 AM

Thank you both for the assistance, I was able to create the page.


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