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30th Apr, 2019 08:06:18 AM

yeah that seems like someone with an agenda

30th Apr, 2019 08:10:14 AM

Good thing that you deleted those entries — horrible example context and dragging negativity on the wiki; the ZCE and Word Cruft problem is also bad (Fat Slob: Natch.) — how people still don't know what ZCEs are, I'll never understand.

Willbyr MOD
30th Apr, 2019 08:18:27 AM

If they keep it up, they may need to be brought in for a chat.

30th Apr, 2019 08:24:13 AM

Okay, not a troll but they definitely dislike Smokey Quartz. This entry was just created and it is crass, untrue and biased. I can't even begin to describe why this entry is so wrong.

  • Jerkass: Many of their actions throughout the series wouldn't even qualify them for being a Sociopathic Hero. Examples of this in their very limited screen time include: ruthlessly beating another gem so badly that she was willing to risk contracting a life-threatening disease just to have any hope of getting out of the fight alive, endangering the lives of Garnet and Pearl by upsetting them to the point of forcible defusion while they were in Sardonyx's room, invading the home of a normally peaceful corrupted gem and pummeling her for the lulz, nearly destroying Steven's house through their reckless antics note , and usually callously laughing at and ridiculing their victims while doing so. They get by on account of being Laughably Evil and Bloody Hilarious without the blood, but only barely.

Edited by LadyErinNY
30th Apr, 2019 08:41:35 AM

Great Hydra contacted me, demanding that I repost their entries or they would report me (I admit that towards the end, I got a little testy but nothing outright rude) and I was wondering if it would be okay if I referred them to this thread? Because if they really think their entries are legitimate, I doubt I will be able to explain why they are wrong without causing a fight.

Edited by LadyErinNY
30th Apr, 2019 09:01:46 AM

Yeah, refer them here. Seems like the best way to let them know why their edits aren't flying

30th Apr, 2019 09:02:20 AM

^^ It is a good idea to let them know it's discussed here so that they can argue their case. They have every right to do so. :-)

Some of the tropes might fit, but I'm not familiar with the work myself — all I can say that the example contexts are poorly written, and really, it looks like they are biased against the character.

(Just out of curiosity: Is the jerkass trope downright inaccurate? Most characters act selfish on occasion or they can be horrible to their friends/other people without realizing it.)

Edited by XFllo
30th Apr, 2019 09:16:47 AM

^The jerkass part is very inaccurate. Especially the Garnet and Pearl one since Sardonyx was being Innocent Insensitive towards Smokey and their abilities since both Steven and Amethyst has self esteem issues

Edited by WhirlRX
30th Apr, 2019 09:17:15 AM

In the case of Steven Universe the character of Smoky Quartz is a Fusion Dance of the title character, who's basically Incorruptible Pure Pureness, and Amethyst, who can be a Jerkass but is more often than not just crude and, over this last season, showed herself one of the more mature characters in spite of that.

Should also note I'm not sure Smoky's even had a full half hour of screen time over the show (one fight, one dedicated 10-15 minute episode, a cameo in the season finale) and some sponsored ads with messages about self-esteem.

Edited by sgamer82
30th Apr, 2019 12:09:31 PM

That's not kosher...Natch.

1st May, 2019 05:41:43 AM

Bump so this doesnt get ignored.

1st May, 2019 06:00:36 AM

We may have a more pressing issue with ~The Great Hydra than previously realized. I took a glance at their edit history and the very first thing on there other than Steven Universe is Film.Con Air where, on 3/29/2019, they potholed the entry for Scary Black Man into, and I quote, "Scary Niggers" and deleted the entry entirely yesterday morning.

Other edits, like Characters.Myst and Adaptational Consent seem fine at first glance, if maybe weak on context in the former case and lacking an edit reason for removing natter in the latter.

Edited by sgamer82
1st May, 2019 07:18:43 AM

^Should we also be suspicious of his troper name? The Great Hydra. Yeah, its a Mythological creature, but its a name of a Villain group tied with Nazism.

1st May, 2019 07:52:28 AM

I think that might be a bit of a leap. Besides some of the things they have edited have to do with Greek Myths and none of them have anything to do with Marvel Comics. That being said the Scary Niggers definitely is a bit of a red flag even though they did delete it. EDIT: By the way should that entry be readded if the entry is okay and they only potholed it?

Edited by LadyErinNY
1st May, 2019 09:04:27 AM

^If the entry example is ok, it can go back in.

1st May, 2019 09:59:54 AM

Honestly I think this needs mod attenttion now.

1st May, 2019 12:36:09 PM

I know mods usually see this stuff eventually, but this is a great reason why Ask The Tropers could use a holler button.

Oh, and regarding Smoky's appearances, it's been ages since I've watched "Earthlings" (their debut), but they've probably had about 16-20 minutes of total screentime IIRC.

Willbyr MOD
1st May, 2019 12:41:36 PM

Brought him in for a chat, and replaced the trope on Film.Con Air with the proper trope name.


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