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17th Apr, 2019 05:15:17 AM

"A Shocking Swerve is a plot twist made just to have a plot twist. There's little-to-no rhyme or reason involved, no foreshadowing, and no way that the viewer/reader/player could have ever seen it coming.

A proper shocking swerve needs to feel like a complete contrivance, often with poor reasoning as to how it works. However, it can still be a positive thing if the tone of the rest of the work fits with it, or if the work is So Bad, It's Good to begin with. Either way, some element of humor, intentional or unintentional, is required to get the most out of this."

17th Apr, 2019 05:21:02 AM

Okay but if there were episodes with moments like a person getting a note about someone being a traitor and there was a close up of another person's face and the next episode, that person does in fact betray the group, would that count as Shocking Swerve?

17th Apr, 2019 05:27:25 AM

it's a YMMV trope, so it might count to some but not others. (Since it seems to happen only 1 episode before the reveal I'd argue it does if there was nothing else to foreshadow it.)

17th Apr, 2019 05:29:12 AM

She also gets into a fight with her friend who because she didn't trust her burns her hand three or four episodes prior and was icy with her from then on. There was also a song she sings where she is sick of waiting to fulfill her own destiny. She was in a villian's house where she follows a sinister voice into a room and when the others defeat the villain and the house gets destroyed, the doorway she dissapeared into reappears and she walks out with a rather weird expression that turns bitter once she spots the portangoist, the same friend who burned her hand and who she later betrayes.

Edited by LadyErinNY
17th Apr, 2019 05:33:40 AM

Just because it's YMMV doesn't mean that there can't be objective criteria. Shocking Swerve requires there to be no foreshadowing; the situation that LadyErin described, a close-up on a character's face as it's revealed that there's a traitor, is very clear foreshadowing.

Regardless, the situation on the YMMV Tangled pages is a blatant Edit War. LadyErin did the right thing by moving it to discussion, but then ThomasVeggieDramaFan re-added it to the page while the discussion was still ongoing.

17th Apr, 2019 05:34:31 AM

So what should I do now?

17th Apr, 2019 05:44:43 AM

Shocking Swerve also requires the twist to be impossible given facts observed. "Twist that had zero foreshadowing but is still possible" is just Ass Pull.

17th Apr, 2019 05:51:44 AM

[up] If that's the case 90% of the examples on Shocking Swerve don't count.

17th Apr, 2019 07:35:56 AM

I'm bumping this because I'm not sure what to do now. I mean they clearly think I'm in the wrong so I don't want to continue an edit war by deleting the entry.

17th Apr, 2019 08:20:28 AM

Really, given that the Ass Pull and retcon qualifiers make this really subjective, I wouldn't mind making this a definition-only page and moving examples to Ass Pull.

17th Apr, 2019 08:30:13 AM

YMMV link: Tangled: The Series

Let's see: Delete - Readd - Commented Out to Discuss It - Partial Deletion - Readded and Commented In

Yeah it's a mess as it's a multi-user edit war and Thomas Veggie Drama Fan initiated it by readding the disputed item and commented it back into the page.

LadyErin, there's nothing else you can do except wait for moderator intervention.

Edited by Ngamer01
Fighteer MOD
17th Apr, 2019 08:37:18 AM

Tropers ThomasVeggieDramaFan and Jayalaw have been suspended for edit warring.

18th Apr, 2019 09:56:45 AM

The edit war continues over Shocking Swerve.

Etheru undid Thomas's edit and jessicadicicco610 undid Etheru's edit.

On the Tangled: The Series's discussion page, Trackforce was being hostile toward Thomas. I sent a notifier to Trackforce about it.

Edited by Ngamer01
19th Apr, 2019 02:14:27 AM

Bump for mod attention.

Since the Edit War is continuing

20th Apr, 2019 08:15:45 AM

I'm just bumping to make sure this continuing matter wasn't overlooked.


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