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14th Apr, 2019 05:09:55 AM

Courtesy links: Too Long; Didn't Dub; TooLongDidntDub.Anime And Manga

This page is full of general examples, aversions (in a trope that shouldn't have aversions) and cases of fansubbers being "purists"/dumbasses and complaining when something is changed.

It's also filled with the crap that was on Spell My Name with an "S" before we cleaned up all the misuse.

14th Apr, 2019 05:31:44 AM

Im super grateful you see it too! Im glad its not just me!

14th Apr, 2019 06:57:35 AM

It's also filled with the crap that was on Spell My Name with an "S" before we cleaned up all the misuse.
Objection! I think that trope is still full of misuse. I just haven't felt like cleaning it for months since debating over how a name written in a non-Latin alphabet is properly translated grates on my nerves.

14th Apr, 2019 10:29:39 AM

^^ Fair, I also quit and assumed other people fixed it.

14th Apr, 2019 10:48:18 AM

^^Alternatively, if this trope's misuse too much for that, we should bring it to TRS instead.

14th Apr, 2019 03:17:33 PM

An awful lot of that sprawling first entry should be moved to Woolseyism or another trope about translation, it doesn't belong on a trope about not translating.

14th Apr, 2019 03:59:27 PM

I've trimmed down the first entry to include only instances of untranslated words, and removed the unnecessarily negatively-charged phrasing.

Edited by Albert3105
15th Apr, 2019 02:41:22 PM

@Reymma:It belongs NO WHERE. Its all complaining and general examples...unless Im thinking about another entry.


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