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Have a question about how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away! Ask the Tropers is the page you come to when you have a question burning in your brain and the support pages didn't help. It's not for everything, though. For a list of all the resources for your questions, click here.

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12th Apr, 2019 08:28:05 PM

Remember that this wiki is large friend, all it takes is for one person to have access to the manga to be able to create it. I for one couldn't tell you how to get to it.

12th Apr, 2019 08:40:06 PM

We might make a whole page of tropes for a work even if it's only in a language we don't understand. Sure, those pages tend to be pretty short, but still.

Edited by Mickoonsley19
13th Apr, 2019 07:49:57 AM

Also, even if they don't speak the language, they could use a translation service/website to translate that it their native language.

15th Apr, 2019 03:45:01 AM

If you speak English and German... how is it difficult to understand that someone could read it in Japanese and then write about it on this site in English?

I've made trope pages about works that I've seen in Japanese that don't even have English fansubs yet. I didn't think that wasn't allowed...?


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