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7th Apr, 2019 06:22:54 AM

Many people dislike having their characters labeled as Sues/Stus. We've had countless Edit Wars, flame wars, and Internet Backdrafts on this site alone simply because people can't stand having that kind of label on their characters.

To really understand why Mary Sue and its associated tropes are Flame Bait, you really have to understand how and why it's considered a negative label.

Edited by TheNerfGuy
7th Apr, 2019 07:37:27 AM

And it's not just people's whose own character is called a "Sue", but fans of the character in general tend to react that way.

Originally, a "Mary Sue" referred to a certain kind of over-powered self-insert in a fanfic (basically, when an author writes about a character who's an idealized version of themselves, who is portrayed as so utterly awesome that they more or less break the universe).

You can understand why an auhtor would object to their character being called a Mary Sue in that sense, right?

But then there's been an awful lot of trope decay so nowadays people tend to use the various "Sue" terms just to mean "this character is OP and I don't like them for that". It's still quite a bit of a slur, though - calling a character a "Sue" is very damning and negative. Apart from being overused for complaining (which is not allowed on this wiki), it tends to incite a lot of "Is not! Is!" flaming.

You could say that nobody on this wiki decided that these terms should be labelled flamebait. Fandom did, by starting innumerable flame wars about them. We don't want that here.

Edited by GnomeTitan
7th Apr, 2019 01:03:31 PM

If the question is about why Flame Bait wicks still display the orange icon, it's because we don't want those wicks there.


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