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19th Mar, 2019 06:55:34 PM

It looks like Nubian Satyress started a discussion on it, but I'm pulling those two in for a talk about edit-warring first.

20th Mar, 2019 12:17:21 PM

Just to add, based on Otemple 700's Internet Counterattack edit on YMMV.The Rising Of The Sheild Hero proper, I'm leaning towards this being politically-motivated troping.

However, going through their edit history, there's no clear pattern, so that's all I'll say on the matter.

20th Mar, 2019 06:12:10 PM

Just wanted to say that this discussion has inspired me to add an entry for Feminist Fantasy to Crappy Trope Definitions.

20th Mar, 2019 06:15:32 PM

^I had no idea that page existed, and it feels like it came straight from my mind.

20th Mar, 2019 06:44:45 PM

I didn't know that page existed either, but I think it's a great idea. Thanks for introducing me to it.

20th Mar, 2019 06:49:19 PM

That's a hilarious page, how did I not know of it?

20th Mar, 2019 11:28:30 PM

I agree it was invalid and that Otemple seemed politically motivated, but the same is true for Laevatein as well. Their addition to the entry was very YMMV in a non-YMMV trope.


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