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15th Mar, 2019 04:57:21 AM

Will could conceivably talk himself into trouble with cops. Carlton, on the other hand, is such a kiss-up for authority that the only way to find him disrespectful is if you were already prejudiced. This is misuse.

15th Mar, 2019 05:24:18 AM

Quick courtesy link: YMMV.The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

I haven't read the entry but at first glance it raises a red flag for being a wall of text. For YMMV that's usually not a good sign.

The problematic part seems to be the second half, which to me seems to be trying to downplay the racism angle and focus on judging Philip, Vivian, and Carlton while the first half, if accurate, does describe legitimate, non-racist reasons for a traffic stop.

That said I don't remember the actual episode do I can't comment on how everything was presented.

Edited by sgamer82
15th Mar, 2019 07:15:55 AM

I seen the episode many times. The cops were not being very good at their job. Their attitude was clearly negative towards Will and Carlton clearly base on their skin. Also, Will came from a rougher neighborhood and experience first hand racist profiling.

15th Mar, 2019 08:27:56 AM

Courtesy link to the scene in question.

TBH, in this clip I'm seeing Carlton digging himself deeper every time he opens his mouth. I haven't seen the entire episode, but so far I see nothing besides a cop getting suspicious with a guy who cheerfully says that his driver's license isn't all that accurate and the car he's driving isn't even his.

15th Mar, 2019 08:44:10 AM

Thanks for the link. Carlton's definitely being dumb so I'm actually fine with his What an Idiot! entry, but the cop is also being needlessly confrontational. Like, the guy is objectively being an asshole to two guys whose only crime was... actually never even slightly said.

Saying Carlton made mistakes? I'm on board with. Saying the cop is blameless? Eeeeehhhhhhhhh.

Also, regardless of the validity, Rebu did add it back verbatim without discussion or edit reason, which is an edit war.

Edited by Larkmarn
Berrenta MOD
15th Mar, 2019 09:28:28 AM

Suspending Rebu. Please take the contended entry to discussion.

Edit: Upon further investigation, it looks like they have several IP matches with another user banned for natter issues. Since there are some work pages they have in common...Boing!

Edited by Berrenta
15th Mar, 2019 10:28:39 AM

Well, pulling the Designated Villain and rewriting the What an Idiot! example to be less "only the black people did anything wrong."

Should Rebu's other edits be looked over? When was said user banned?

15th Mar, 2019 10:57:14 AM

Except for a missing "and" (I fixed it), the rewrite is perfect.