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14th Mar, 2019 11:23:08 PM

Posted about this in the moderator discussion.

15th Mar, 2019 02:16:17 AM

Even as a Cis person I gotta speak up and say that name is a little uncomfortable because it conflates someone that's just pretending to be the opposite sex for a relationship with people that are actually transgender which has some Unfortunate Implications

We really need a better title on that.

Edited by shoboni
15th Mar, 2019 02:35:06 AM

It has two examples in actual media right now. As is, I don't see enough to launch it.

Also, needs a better title and description.

15th Mar, 2019 02:57:14 AM

Well, no one said it is launchable in the current state. Name needs work and it needs examples from media — if there are any. I also said several times I'd happily discard it myself if the discussion lead nowhere.

Thanks for restoring the draft. I wouldn't want to edit war.

15th Mar, 2019 08:35:37 AM

Well, the draft right now does a really, really poor job of explaining what it's about. At first glance, I thought I meant: "don't be gay, be trans instead".

If it's going to be kept, then it needs a better title and description ASAP.

15th Mar, 2019 08:40:32 AM

You know, since it has all those bombs attached, it might be better to discard and start from scratch anyway.

15th Mar, 2019 09:04:35 AM

It's really badly written and I'm not quite sure that being forced to go through a sex-change operation really counts as being trans.

Edited by GnomeTitan
15th Mar, 2019 02:10:29 PM

I've mentioned it on the TLP itself, but I think it's already covered by Trans Equals Gay, and splitting it off as a subtrope basically requires a mindset that Trans Equals Gay is Truth in Television (since it requires the idea that a trans persons just a "super gay" who wants to become a member of the opposite gender, rather than anything resembling an actual trans person to make logical sense, which would mean that Trans Equals Gay already covers it).

15th Mar, 2019 03:12:09 PM

I disagree that splitting the subtrope rests on believing Trans Equals Gay is true IRL. The IRL Pakistani and Iranian examples consider the two to be entirely separate: they believe that gayness is a choice but transness is a medical condition that can be cured with SRS, which is why one is strongly stigmatised and the other supported, and non-trans people are having sex changes specifically so they don't get accused of being gay.

Edited by Clanger00
15th Mar, 2019 03:31:40 PM

Guys, the problem isn't whether or not the trope is a good one, the problem is someone discarding twice after Xfllo had expressed their interest in trying to make the draft work. If the idea can't work it will be discarded, but it's wrong to make a call like that ignorant of anyone who wants to try to make the idea work.

17th Mar, 2019 09:23:53 AM

I meant to bomb it but pushed discard by accident. Can someone please restore it?

God, this is so embarrassing. I'm so sorry.

Edit: restored it.

Edited by RoundRobin
17th Mar, 2019 09:49:13 AM

I didn't see this before my post in the TLP clean-up thread (here). Honestly, I think the draft is not salvageable from 0 hats and 14 bombs. Just discard and start afresh with a better description and different name (e.g. Forced To Transition).

Edited by WaterBlap
17th Mar, 2019 10:08:59 AM

I think this draft is just too controversial and I'm not knowledgeable enough about the topic.

Glad to hear discarding it was an accident — it happened to me with one draft as well, so I totally understand. I thought I was tossing my bomb and I was actually discarding it.

17th Mar, 2019 10:32:43 AM

^ That's what happened to me as well :(

17th Mar, 2019 05:02:32 PM

Pretty much that.

In it's current state it's such a mess it's not really salvageable and just needs trashed and re-done from the ground up. There's a trope here somewhere but nothing with the current proposal is really workable because there's so many Unfortunate Implications in the tone and wording of it all.

Edited by CryptidProductions
17th Mar, 2019 08:08:21 PM

Easier to polish a bad draft, then start a good draft than to deal with drive-by bombings from people that don't like the idea before the draft is in a state to be judged fairly.