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13th Mar, 2019 07:22:30 PM

I'm not sure whether it warrants a move, but it's worth noting that for the first game someone tried moving the weapon tropes to a different namespace.

That page is now on the Permanent Red Link Club.

15th Mar, 2019 04:31:51 AM

Here and here. The mod staff did not support weapons as a Characters page, and will not deal again with a Weapons page that stays unindexed.

Also, when the Weapons page was made, it was gradually filled with lots of misuse until it was ruled out, cutlisted and put in the PRLC.

I am against making such a page, if it means we can avoid it becoming a cesspool of non-examples. Taking a look at all the edits for the weapons folder in Destiny 2, I personally think I'm the only one who's going out of his way to whip other tropers into fleshing out their edits, which leaves a bad impression when asking to make a new page. Nothing has changed from the days I was editing on Destiny, so I expect a fat "no" from the mods.

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