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13th Mar, 2019 04:51:17 PM

What do you mean? Coloured text was disabled because people were doing this making it nigh-impossible to read, and crossed-out text was disabled because people were using it to sneak in Take Thats at people they didn't like. I think.

Edited by Lymantria
13th Mar, 2019 06:13:17 PM

Hard to read text colors besides white were disabled, and strikethrough doesn't work on wiki pages, only forums.

13th Mar, 2019 07:26:21 PM

It used to work on wiki pages right? And what colours besides white are hard to read?

13th Mar, 2019 07:35:18 PM

Yellow, orange, and lime green.

13th Mar, 2019 07:40:13 PM

Now I want to see what it looked like.