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11th Mar, 2019 09:45:16 PM

Looks to me like a text-replacement bot, since the word replacements are even within other words, like Berserk Button becoming "Berserk Bumon".

11th Mar, 2019 09:46:49 PM

They are suspended. Please revert.

11th Mar, 2019 09:50:03 PM

Can non mods revert these things? I can't figure out how, if it's possible, and you aren't just speaking to other mods.

11th Mar, 2019 09:55:18 PM

Actually, yes. I've reverted some of the edits as a matter of fact. You can go to the history page and restore the ones that were changed by the suspended troper. Hope this helps.

Edited by gjjones
11th Mar, 2019 09:57:53 PM

Manually, you mean? That I can do— I was referring to a system revert, which would be faster, but ah well.

11th Mar, 2019 09:59:25 PM

Yes, I was referring to the manual reversion.

Anyway, if my estimates are correct, non-moderators can do a system revert if absolutely necessary simply by clicking the "Report Page" and explaining why you think it needs to be reverted.

Edited by gjjones
11th Mar, 2019 10:02:40 PM

Hold on a second, their edits to Fruit Basket seems to be the only page they've edited affected by this. On Characters.Samurai Seven, which they also edited today, they even added their own, unedited, Berserk Button wick.

11th Mar, 2019 10:03:41 PM

Hmm, I see. Maybe that Fruits Basket bowdlerization thing they did was an unintentional use of nanny bots. I could be wrong, though.

Some of their legit edits to the page (i.e. non-bowdlerized entries) can stay.

Edited by gjjones
11th Mar, 2019 10:07:08 PM

Yeah, it's possible they downloaded something in-between their edits today that caused this to happen. Bizarre, but at least it's manageable since you caught it (and cleaned it) so early.


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