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4th Mar, 2019 03:03:37 PM

... So a slow burning edit war to add Ho Yay, huh?

God, Ambiguously Gay is so pointless.

4th Mar, 2019 11:02:13 PM

Couldn't they just place that in a Ho Yay Page? To my knowledge, headcanons shouldn't be in a main page

Edited by RAHDRON
5th Mar, 2019 03:07:06 AM

I'm a big fan of the manga in question, and I never got the impression that these characters were meant to be gay. Aizawa is portrayed as Married to the Job, while Kirishima is Bakugo's best friend (though shipping them together is very common).

I definitely agree with moving these to Ho Yay since it's not clearly intentional subtext.

5th Mar, 2019 03:27:17 AM

Me too, simply thought they were friends... and that's it

Edited by RAHDRON
5th Mar, 2019 10:30:31 AM

The Ambiguously Gay pages in general might be in need of some cleanup. Some have ZCE issues and some entries are debatable (Jafar from Aladdin is listed as a ZCE, and despite having shown some pretty creepy attraction to Jasmine so...yeah.)

Edited by iamconstantine
5th Mar, 2019 11:50:22 PM

So... Anyone else agrees that It should be moved to Ho yay?

8th Mar, 2019 03:59:14 AM

Sure, move it. (I agree about the clean-up effort, too.) ZCE clean-up thread in Long-Term projects.

9th Mar, 2019 09:57:33 AM

Then, it's said, time to move that to Ho yay in my hero academia


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