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3rd Mar, 2019 07:20:49 AM

A mix of Speculative Troping, YMMV, complaining, and actual tropes...

I'd cutlist it.

3rd Mar, 2019 07:29:47 AM

I support the cutlist idea.

Shipping is YMMV item and shipping tropes should be mainly put on fanfic work pages.

3rd Mar, 2019 11:34:39 AM

How can shipping trope be put on fanfic pages? Shipping is the fan reaction a if a fit is invoking it it's not YMMV. For the record, can Alternate Character Interpretation if it's by the fan-works author and thus the intended interpretation?

What about Shipping.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic? It looks like where we moved all the shipping related tropes from the YMMV page where it's indexed (granted it was made when the individual YMMV tropes were removed due to being reworked).

Per this, Shipping.Happy Tree Friends is the only other shipping page, does this have the same problems?

3rd Mar, 2019 11:46:52 AM

I've always understood shipping as an audience reaction in relation to canon, but in fan works it's present as an objective trope.

3rd Mar, 2019 11:52:35 AM

^^ both pages contain non-YMMV tropes (such as Official Couple) and the HTF one is not properly formatted.

I can understand splitting shipping-related YMMV into a separate page if it's lengthy enough, but these seem like a grab-bag of anything couple-related.

Edited by mahidevrans
3rd Mar, 2019 03:37:51 PM

Should I move the tropes to applicable sections before cutting?


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