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27th Feb, 2019 04:56:44 AM

I think it is supposed to be after the next season is released (or in the case of books and movies, the next book or movie in the series comes out), that spoilers are no longer considered spoilers after the following season or instalment. However the discussions on spoiler policy tend to be very dynamic, so that might have changed.

27th Feb, 2019 05:29:47 AM

We just had another ATT query about this. See also this thread.

To my knowledge, Character pages are not Spoilers Off, and there is no rule about them magically becoming so after some time limit. For some works, people decide collectively that they are impossible to trope with spoiler tags. But this is a collective decision achieved after discussion (on the discussion page or a forum thread for the work), not something you can do unilaterally. And in that case (as with all pages that have had spoilers removed despite not being officially Spoilers Off), you should have a bold warning at the top informing people of that fact.

27th Feb, 2019 07:59:51 AM

Thank you. Some pages I see characters with spoilers. Some I do not. With nothing in discussion or in the page itself. Is their a general rule or policy in effect?

27th Feb, 2019 08:20:31 AM

There's no hard and fast or formal rule, but generally it's "spoilers up to the latest season may not be tagged." Honestly, that's the rule you should expect if you go to any given Characters/ page unless explicitly stated otherwise, just for your own protection.

Fighteer MOD
27th Feb, 2019 08:49:35 AM

There should be no expectation of reading a Characters page (or indeed any article) for a long-running series without encountering untagged spoilers for older installments. Trying to avoid this causes the articles to look like they were attacked by a Justice Department redacter and become unreadable.

28th Feb, 2019 12:39:08 PM

For MCU, spoilers for Phases 1 and 2 are currently unmarked on most Phase 3 movie pages and most recurring character pages. Spoilers for Phase 3 are hidden. It is explicitly stated at the top of each page.

Edited by Asherinka

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