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23rd Feb, 2019 06:36:13 AM

Courtesy Link: YMMV.Strike Witches

I'd say the Hikari section can go, since the entry itself admits the "broken" base died down and the Broken Base trope, as I've seen mentioned elsewhere, requires a very clear line between the sides of the fandom.

I haven't finished reading the rest of it yet, but I'll say this: I typically browse the site on mobile and, because of that, I've developed a rule of thumb to always be immediately suspicious of any YMMV entry I have to scroll through.

Edited by sgamer82
23rd Feb, 2019 07:47:09 AM

I also have no objections in removing Hikari's section.

23rd Feb, 2019 07:51:45 AM

I'm with sgamer82, this wall of text isn't a good sign.

23rd Feb, 2019 07:59:45 AM

Then I delete it, no? If everybody agrees

Edited by RAHDRON

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