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20th Feb, 2019 02:18:14 PM

They also wrote this on the main page for Bury your gays: Killing off gay characters became so prevalent in modern culture that the trope expanded its meaning to every instance of gay characters dying. They have since deleted it but it makes their attitude quite clear that they won't be open to discussion.

Edited by LadyErinNY
20th Feb, 2019 07:34:15 PM

Revert both of those and block Voxkun if they continue. Bury Your Gays has a whole Repair Shop thread to clear up that it's explicitly not about every instance of gay characters dying.

I also question the Internet Backdraft example on YMMV.The Dragon Prince. From a Google search, internet sources seem to be praising the queens, and "such how the Queens could have easily been a King and Queen in a heterosexual and heteronormative couple" seems ridiculous; people would rather have less LGBT representation than lesbians who died heroically?

Edited by rjd1922
20th Feb, 2019 08:12:32 PM

Is it okay if I cite this thread for the edit reason?

Edited by LadyErinNY
Berrenta MOD
20th Feb, 2019 08:19:22 PM

Suspending, go ahead.


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