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20th Feb, 2019 05:52:47 AM

I think the pages for published works should be moved to non-Darth namespaces, the redirect is most likely safe to cut, and I have no idea what That Could Have Happened is. To me, the last of these comes across as a nonsensical joke page in the vein of the now-cut Brazil Nut Disorder, except with the gimmick being Too Much Information instead of word salad.

Edit: Cutlisted the redirects (there were other TABLE redirects, some of which were in Sugar Wiki instead of Darth; I didn't touch the ones in the JustForFun/ namespace) and That Could Have Happened. The indexing on the FORKS redirect is gone, either way.

Edit: This instance of a webcomic having a Darth page previously came up, and in that case, The Darth page read more like a proper TV Tropes page, while the Webcomic/ page barely had any content. This led to the Darth page's contents replacing the Webcomic/ page, while the then-migrated DarthWiki/ page was cut.

Edit: I noticed that DarthWiki.Dreaming Mary has a Sugar Wiki counterpart, and it's filled with ZCEs. The other two pages you mentioned on that bullet point don't have Sugar pages, but both those two works and this one already have pages in the proper namespaces.

Edited by GastonRabbit

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