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17th Feb, 2019 05:02:29 PM

It's not for you to decide what is and isn't a persona, but I do agree that the page needs at least a massive clean-up if not a cut altogether, because it's basically just a page full of memes aimed at mocking the host.

17th Feb, 2019 06:29:14 PM

Courtesy link: Radio.True Capitalist

We've been over this before here. Ghost is in-character during the show; he doesn't actually believe most of the more ridiculous crap.

As for the so-called "page full of memes," conversation between Ghost and listeners (especially repeat callers) is a large part of what makes the show entertaining. The antics of these repeat callers are certainly tropeable.

17th Feb, 2019 06:32:52 PM

I got about 30 words into the intro for that page and it was enough to make me think it needs to be cut.

17th Feb, 2019 06:34:15 PM

The lede needs to be cut. The rest of the page isn't quite as bad.

Edited by bwburke94
18th Feb, 2019 05:29:20 AM

Please note that the troper suggesting the cut has a personal vendetta against this show (including the host and a few other regular callers). You can check on that on various outside sites, he even called there several times and got into verbal arguments (under the same nickname) so his motives might not be entirely objective.

18th Feb, 2019 07:00:42 AM

The name itself doesn’t help either.

19th Feb, 2019 06:53:45 AM

... how do you get banned from Gab for hate speech?

That's fucking alt-right Twitter. Being banned for hate speech is just impressive.

20th Feb, 2019 05:30:08 PM

From what I gather Ghost and his constant struggle with his trolls are such a thing of internet legend it's kind of a situation where we're almost obligated to discuss it as part of troping web media.

According to the page there's also some evidence of Ghost only being an actor playing a character like his uncanny ability to imitate different voices and his call-in number not actually being a Texas phone number when he claims his show is recorded/broadcast from there.

So he could very well be just a character-actor that's so good at keeping up the kayfabe and never making any of his real-life self public (or at least tied back to his Ghost persona) the illusion is never broken.

Edited by shoboni
20th Feb, 2019 06:26:11 PM

Keep in mind that Deagle Nation was believed to be real for years before it finally came out that it was staged.

1st Mar, 2019 07:34:19 PM

If Ghost is in character doing the show and in character not doing the show, is it a character? No, it is a personality.

The caller question is problematic. If the No Real Life rule is to be followed strictly, even if we assume Ghost is a character, we wouldn't talk about a single caller here, because we know they are real, because the show has a real call in number. We also wouldn't talk about Ghost talking about other real life people or events. That cuts out the market segment, the news segment, and the call in segment of the show, which is all of the normal segments.

1st Mar, 2019 07:46:37 PM

That's not how any of that works.

1st Mar, 2019 10:03:15 PM

We allow pages on talk shows that talk about current events, like Stephen Colbert's shows.

Edited by rjd1922
1st Mar, 2019 10:06:44 PM

Speaking of Deagle Nation we really need to replace that page quote with one not sourced from an inflammatory website that has a slur in it.

2nd Mar, 2019 07:53:51 AM

Even if Ghost is a real (and terrible) person, True Capitalist is actual content, not a creator page.

Edited by SatoshiBakura
2nd Mar, 2019 08:53:43 AM

What slur in the Deagle Nation quote? "Juggalos" just means fans of Insane Clown Posse. That bring said, it does seem overly-complainy (even though it was an Intended Audience Reaction). The second quote is actually from Jace, so the Lolcow Wiki one could be pulled.

2nd Mar, 2019 09:08:20 AM

I think they're reading 'autistic' as a slur here, since it's clearly being used in a derogatory sense.

2nd Mar, 2019 10:08:01 AM

Oh, that makes more sense.

3rd Mar, 2019 11:22:44 AM

Shoboni, I want to understand your position. Could you elaborate on where you think I am wrong?

3rd Mar, 2019 01:30:33 PM

We're allowed to trope reality shows by discussing things the people do ON THE SHOW and incidents that heavily involve their work and public appearances.

Troping real people would be something like going to a celebrities Twitter and tabloid stories about them to actually trope their real life in ways that are irrelevant to their career as a media personality.

12th Mar, 2019 01:47:05 PM

Even If I granted you that (and I can't because of the issue with the Alex Jones page) You still have to admit that the article is a dumpster fire because of other violations of the real life rule on the show, the globs of YMMV in the main page, and the issue the host himself being a proliferator of abuse, and hate speech.

12th Mar, 2019 03:12:14 PM

Alex Jones was a "journalist" with a show explicitly about him reporting news and giving opinions so the lines were blurry and it turned into a page mostly troping Alex Jones the person and not Infowars or his podcasts/vblogs pretty quick.

TCR is much more like Howard Stern where there's a lot more playing up stage personas and shit done purely for entertainment involved and the page seems to do a good job only discussing stuff that happens on the show and not Ghost himself on social media.

Also once again: we are a wiki for discussing and analyzing media so sometimes we have to trope the careers of bad people for the sake of posterity if their careers had pop cultural impact. Like Kevin Spacey or John Kricfalusi

12th Mar, 2019 04:14:09 PM

Social media literally drives the show. It is all in the section before you get to any tropes. It is not separable.

12th Mar, 2019 04:29:28 PM

The page definitely needs at least a clean-up; in theory it could perhaps be useful to see what a better version of the page would look like, but that may be wasted effort if it is at risk of cutting

12th Mar, 2019 05:18:22 PM

The reason Alex Jones was such a mess was because it turned into troping of the real person. With Ghost, there's no "real person" to trope.

The article is a mess for other reasons, but it's best to clean it up instead of cutting it.

23rd Mar, 2019 09:53:52 AM

I guess cleaning up the page was harder than anyone anticipated. If anything it got worse since this thread started.

23rd Mar, 2019 12:55:03 PM

Worst-case scenario, we can just lock it and do the cleanup through a sandbox.

5th Jun, 2019 08:07:32 AM

It is June now. The page isn't any cleaner.


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