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19th Feb, 2019 01:51:39 PM

bump, still not resolved yet

20th Feb, 2019 02:48:06 PM

I will just note for the record that though the Troper in question has had less edits recently, they're still subpar in terms of grammar.

I also don't know enough about Kamen Rider to try to adjust their edits, and I don't want to just remove them yet in case they try to Edit War.

Fighteer MOD
20th Feb, 2019 02:53:51 PM

Suspension issued.

22nd Feb, 2019 01:55:58 PM

UPDATE: alias has now been permabanned as per the Edit Banned thread. I will work on deleting his edits when I get the chance.

Also we might want to keep an eye on the pages, since he has floated the idea of ban evading in said thread.


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