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The TVTropes Trope Finder is where you can come to ask questions like "Do we have this one?" and "What's the trope about...?" Trying to rediscover a long lost show or other medium but need a little help? Head to You Know That Show and try your luck there. Want to propose a new trope? You should be over at You Know, That Thing Where.

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11th Feb, 2019 08:11:06 AM

I think Ironic Echo or Meaningful Echo would cover this, even though they're primarily about dialogue, not physical action. Also counts as Book-Ends if the two scenes are at the beginning and end of a story arc.

11th Feb, 2019 12:56:26 PM

Don't use the echo tropes here, they are strictly for dialog. Mirroring visuals go under Recurring Camera Shot.

12th Feb, 2019 01:30:31 PM

^ That's very different from what the OP is looking for- continuity nod is all about "Yep, that's still a thing that happened". Say, a superhero has go to The Alcatraz to interrogate a supervillain held there, and you can spot season two's Big Bad freaking out in the background when the hero passes by their cell.

12th Feb, 2019 05:36:17 PM

Recurring Camera Shot would cover examples in a visual medium, but what about a recurring action that isn't dialogue and isn't in a visual medium?

14th Feb, 2019 03:47:58 PM

Maybe there's a flashback trope that covers the camera starting with the battle and interspersing matching cuts of the child-play? (one search later) What I'm thinking of is Happy Flashback. It might or might not be what you're looking for.

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16th Feb, 2019 02:35:55 AM


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