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11th Feb, 2019 06:56:03 AM

That's not a narrative device, that's what you should do. Most of the time, convincing people means seeing things from their perspective and understanding how they benefit from a decision you want them to make. Telling someone "you should do X" isn't as effective as saying "I know why X is appealing, but Y will bring more positive consequences and fewer negative consequences. What do you think we should do for Y?"

11th Feb, 2019 12:31:47 PM

Secretly Selfish if they frame everything as selfless but are really working to achieve their own ends.

Enlightened Self-Interest if they'd freely admit wanting to help others because it also benefits them. For instance, a Villain with Good Publicity gets a lot of said good publicity through a fairly legitimate local charity, and quietly assists police in efforts to reduce crime around the docks because it messes with their smuggling operations.

Politeness Judo if they're good at getting people to agree to things without realizing exactly what they just agreed to until afterward (if then).


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