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10th Feb, 2019 10:31:28 PM

HSQ is not based off of how many times it's said in a particular show/episode. It's a little deeper than that.

11th Feb, 2019 12:06:06 AM

Uh, yeah, it's more like "the show throws show many curveballs and crazy moments that the only proper response would be "OMG" or "Holy Shit" or some variant". It's not literally about "the audience says Holy Shit a lot" and it's definitely not "The audience says Holy Shit a lot and exclusively say Holy Shit".

11th Feb, 2019 02:51:31 PM

The article doesn't say that at all...

12th Feb, 2019 06:20:37 AM

^ "Divide the number of times you said "Holy Shit!" by the number of scenes. This is the Holy Shit Quotient (or HSQ) for a given episode." Sounds pretty self-explanatory to me.

Also, including HC, OMGQ, etc etc is, IMHO, Political Correctness Gone Mad at its finest. Nobody cares what curse words you use. You could invoke the Old Ones, for all we care.

12th Feb, 2019 07:34:37 AM

In other words, if you're not in the habit of saying "Holy shit", divide the number of times you say whatever you (as a viewer) would say instead by the number of scenes to get the HSQ.


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