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10th Feb, 2019 06:33:43 PM

This site isn't really for asking others to make a page for you to read. If people want to make a page for it they will. You also don't need a tropes page to see what tropes are in a work, you can spot them in the work yourself. Like, I don't need a trope page about Nurse Hitomis Monster Infirmary to know that it involves the Magic Realism trope, I know it from reading the work.

Edited by homogenized
10th Feb, 2019 06:45:21 PM

Create a page for that work if you're familiar with it.

11th Feb, 2019 06:40:05 AM

I'm pretty sure you're the original Creator, so here's a link to The Fic May Be Yours, But The Trope Page Is Ours and our main Grammar page. I expanded the description so it probably shouldn't be cutlisted, but you'll need to add Fanfic.The Iron Life to index pages and crosswick the examples.

11th Feb, 2019 08:04:11 AM

And if you are the creator, wiki policy expressly forbids the author of a work adding YMMV or other Audience Reactions to their works' pages since, by definition, the creator is not the audience.

11th Feb, 2019 08:15:50 AM

If you're curious about which tropes other people find in the work, you could create a work page (this requires you to find at least three tropes yourself, or it will be cut as a stub, and if you're the creator you have to keep the rules crazysamaritan mentions in mind), and then wait for others to add trope examples. That's a more productive way than just asking someone else to create the page.

11th Feb, 2019 01:38:36 PM

^^If he's the creator? He put his username right on the trope page.

Not saying that he can't have a page for the story, but there's a difference between "I read this story" and "I wrote this story".

Edited by Arctimon
11th Feb, 2019 01:55:38 PM

He said he read the story, not that he wrote it.

11th Feb, 2019 02:03:20 PM

The usernames are not identical, but they are similar. Add that coincidence to the grammar problems here and in the fic, and I'm reasonably confident that they're identical people. It's no big deal, I just wanted to warn them about wiki rules since it'd be disappointing if they got themselves banned over it.


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