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10th Feb, 2019 01:49:48 PM

No, not quite, that's still the plot looking for the protagonist. Our protagonist simply got caught up in it, rather than accidentally being summoned.

Edited by BreadBull
10th Feb, 2019 03:10:44 PM

I wonder if it would be worth launching an article for when the Big Good has a plan requiring a hero to come along and start things, but the choice is left up to chance. (Ara Fell is another example.) Though the Lego Movie is specifically a deconstruction of The Chosen One.

11th Feb, 2019 09:40:51 AM

It Began with a Twist of Fate and Unlikely Hero

Seconding Summon Everyman Hero as one way to have this happen to the unwitting protagonist, though- the plot is looking for a hero, our protagonist is just the one the cosmic claw machine happened to grab. Does require someone to actively summon them, but it doesn't have to be a literal summoning of that particular person. In this case if the brick was intentionally released to find its new holder by the defeated previous holder or something, it'd count.

These tend to go hand-in-hand with The Chosen Zero, too: the chosen one is not who anyone would have deliberately picked, but whether by fate or chance, yep, the guy picking his nose over there really is your hero. (The Obligatory Joke with these is something along the lines of "Who chose this guy, and can we get a recount?") Haven't seen the movie yet, but from what I understand the protagonist would be an excellent example- his only real qualification as the chosen one is that he found the brick.

Turns into Right Man in the Wrong Place if they're slightly more qualified than the average person (Gordon Freeman from Half-Life being an excellent example: young-ish mildly athletic Physics PhD holder with some experience using the low-end Power Armor he was already wearing when disaster struck.)

If the chose one immediately fails, you have The Poorly Chosen One

Edited by Scorpion451
11th Feb, 2019 10:42:34 AM

The Chosen One went through a TRS where it was established that they just have to be chosen, and the method & their effectiveness is completely independent of that.