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10th Feb, 2019 05:17:43 AM

No, it's the same genre, just the wrong part to play in the work.

For example, Witches Abroad has one witch who thinks she's playing the part of the fairy godmother in a Cinderella story (turning animals into servants, arranging marriages between servant girls and princes, fighting off witches), but she never gets that she's actually the Big Bad (the animals are terrified and confused at being turned into humans, the servant girl doesn't want to marry the prince, the witches are the ones trying to undo the harm she's doing, etc.).

10th Feb, 2019 05:20:24 AM

As it says on Wrong Genre Savvy: Even if you're correct about being in a story, it's possible for you to guess wrong about your role in the story, the genre of the story, or where on the various sliding scales your story is.

IP is currently deciding on a new image for Wrong Genre Savvy where the same question came up (comment 12). I think, the trope title is not perfect as it covers "wrong trope savvy, wrong genre savvy and wrong role savvy" all in one.

Edited by eroock