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9th Feb, 2019 05:07:29 PM

Merge it.

Sometimes people jump the gun and give characters their own pages when they don't need them. It's an increasingly common mistake people on this site are making.

If they try to make the page again; report it.

Edited by DocJamore
9th Feb, 2019 05:10:42 PM

^ What's the minimum trope count for a character to get their own subpage?

9th Feb, 2019 05:16:59 PM

^ Minimum? Several hundred. It shouldn't be something that should be done lightly.

I believe that the more important criteria beyond count is "Are they breaking their Page?" If you see a big red phrase when editing saying "the page is too large," then it is time to cut it. Is Xigbar breaking his page? Is he not? If not, keep him on for now.

I am aware of KH 3 spoilers and it is ambiguous right now where he could be put if he had to be moved.

Can you wait a month?

Edited by DocJamore
9th Feb, 2019 05:32:59 PM

^ Sure, I can wait before asking that question again.

9th Feb, 2019 06:00:26 PM

I'm of the opinion that it's extremely annoying when character pages get split when it's not really necessary. It makes cross-wicking so much harder.

Today I wanted to add two character tropes for Characters.The Last Kingdom. It took me unnecessarily long till I found which sub-page the characters are on. And I watch the show... Sometimes people want to move or cross-wick tropes to shows they don't actually watch. :-/

10th Feb, 2019 07:53:28 AM

I'd say around 120 tropes warrant a separate page. Or around 25k-30k symbols without spaces. While 55 tropes don't. See here and here for some actual statistics from 2 franchises (Star Wars and MCU).

Edited by Asherinka
10th Feb, 2019 01:35:37 PM

^ Combined Xigbar sections currently net 26.5k characters without spaces, 31.5k with spaces.

Edited by Albert3105

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