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7th Feb, 2019 10:41:37 AM

I'm surprised it's not trivia. Seems like it should be, as a developement fact rather than a trope.

7th Feb, 2019 01:12:23 PM

Yeah, this should be trivia.

7th Feb, 2019 03:43:38 PM

I agree, but when I brought it up in the trivia thread in the past I got no response. Like, not even opposing arguments, just nothing.

Berrenta MOD
7th Feb, 2019 04:08:31 PM

Won't hurt to try to pitch it again. It does look like a trivia piece.

In fact, let me try.

7th Feb, 2019 04:10:11 PM

I assume the reason it's not trivia is because it is technically in the work, just not accessible. I've also seen it misused a lot to refer to any What Could Have Been content in video games, unused or not.

Edited by rjd1922
7th Feb, 2019 05:58:23 PM

^ Sure, but as far as I'm aware tropes are meant to be things in-universe or objective narrative patterns, which this is neither of.

7th Feb, 2019 10:22:12 PM

I've restored the page. "Trivia/YMMV items can't be played with" is one of these questionable cut reasons that often cause problems since In-Universe examples are a thing.

7th Feb, 2019 10:25:08 PM

Should we open a discussion about playing with Trivia/YMMV items in the forum? Just wondering.

7th Feb, 2019 11:17:19 PM

I think if a trivia/YMMV item lists at least one In-Universe example, the trivia/YMMV item should be allowed to have a playing with page.

8th Feb, 2019 09:50:24 AM

Anybody else want to chime in at the trivia thread?

11th Feb, 2019 08:22:00 AM

Yeah, sorry about that. I had the Trivia banner when I got to it.


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