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10th Jan, 2019 09:22:33 PM

One example I can think of is in the comics, Thanos's motive for extinguishing half the universe is to "woo" Lady Death.

Also, in a more low-key example in Teen Titans, Robin as Red X steals things in order to win over Slade and learn more about him

10th Jan, 2019 11:37:49 PM

Don't know if there's anything villain specific, but we do have tropes that fit the general motivation, such as "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Slave to PR and "Well Done, Dad!" Guy.

11th Jan, 2019 01:02:53 AM

Thanos one seems to be Grand Romantic Gesture, villainous version.

Robin one... sounds close to If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten, but I'm not sure.

12th Jan, 2019 07:48:37 AM

I think this is Love Makes You Evil. The Thanos one definitely is.

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