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8th Jan, 2019 08:13:52 PM

Swiss-Army Superpower (in that it shows how variably a power is used)

8th Jan, 2019 08:32:38 PM

That doesn't quite seem right. Technically speaking, it's just the same ability used the same way, except that one user is an Inept Mage, while the other knows what they're doing.

9th Jan, 2019 02:34:01 AM

^ Or, like in Green Lantern, one of the G Ls create architecturally sound constructs while another creates simple objects?

9th Jan, 2019 06:41:57 AM

That's pretty much the same thing as my previous post, but it's used in different forms instead. Like in Minecraft, where one person may use a stack of diamond blocks to make a decorative statue, while another dismantles their blocks and uses the individual diamonds to make a full set of diamond armor, plus a sword, and use that to kill the first guy and take his diamonds.

Edited by Gofastmike
9th Jan, 2019 08:11:13 PM

^ But diamond blocks ain't "power", right?

9th Jan, 2019 10:44:08 PM

It was the best thing I could think of, ok? Point is, it's the same general concept.

What I'm looking for is where two people have the same powers, and use them in the same way, but come to different results due to differing methods. To take from your GL example; that is a different situation since the power can only truly be used in one way, and invariably comes to the same basic result: The creation of the desired object. Heck, it's like comparing the Mona Lisa to a stick-figure. My situation is like two clay bowls made on a spinning wheel, one at a slow, controlled speed, and one at such a high speed that all it does is fling clay all over the room.

10th Jan, 2019 02:52:53 AM

Imagination-Based Superpower (its power is limited only by imagination, and experience and age also contributes towards imagination, so when you put 2 and 2 together...)

10th Jan, 2019 03:26:57 PM

The extra details make me think IBS is somewhere in the ballpark, but when you consider that tropes like Achievements in Ignorancenote  exist for a reason, IBS starts to fall apart when compared to my example. Granted, it also contradicts my example by proxy, but that's what the ATT and TF are for.

Of course, if we're counting sub-tropes as well, I'd like to suggest a certain amount of Too Dumb to Live. Given that the "failed" attempt ended with a DA-worthy suicide.